::Corporate Identity:: ---Todd Rhoda

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. " – Charles Darwin

People get the message about your company, but often it’s the wrong message.

You can be as modern as tomorr ow, but if your logo looks like 1985 your company will suffer in its image and –quicker than you may imagine – in profits . You can’t control your corporate image completely, but you can influence
it to a large degree.

This brief White Paper is about what you can do to…
1. change it…
2. strengthen it…
3. redirect it…
4. and focus it.

What you should look for in an identity design?
1. Simplicity
2. Shapes
3. Memory & Recognition
4. Appropriateness

Simplicity can make the difference between good and bad design, between a "look" that’s strongly memorable andone that’s instantly forgettable.

People tend to simplify toward smooth, closed, regular shapes. This tendency is especially strong under conditions ofshort exposure, competitive surroundings , or low attention leve l .
If your "message" is too complicated, people simply won’t remember it.

Memory & Recognition
Memory and recognition depend partly on the strength of the initial impact and partly on subsequent reinforcement . Simple designs can be made bolder than complicated ones and, the refore, make a stronger initial impact.There is less to remember about a simple design, so subsequent reinforcement is easier.In disorderly surroundings , simple design stands out by its difference.

When looking at any design, consider the function of the item and consider how and where it will be used.Consider, too, how long it will be used.

Case Study: Sentinel Capital Partners
Sentinel is one of the ten largest leve rage bu yout firms in Manhattan. They came to us for an identity make over.Their new identity reflects the personality of the firm . An identity that hit these key concepts:
Strong , Financial ,Smart ,Hard charging ,Modern and History.

Every successful logo began with one simple thought:
Senior Management saw the logo not as a decorative announcement, but rather …as a brand that was to benurtured and built .

Symbol- A symbol or trademark should have the qualities which are basic to its usage: Individuality, memorability,and legibility. It must convey its message in quick and simple terms .

Signature - The corporate signature is the standard form of writing a name, with or without a symbol.

Logotype -The logotype is composed of the two graphic elements just discussed: the symbol and the signature.

Color- Although color alone is not enough to identify a corporation, it can be used effectively to support a graphic program.